I want 60euro headphones which one should I get?

I am looking for a nice set of over the ear headphones for max 60 euro. And the only thing I want is it to sound better than my G430 gaming headset that sounds like poop. I am thinking about the Beyerdynamic DTX 910 or Sennheiser HD 419.

 DTX 910 HD 419

Hy man! 

60€ is a good budget, and most real headphones will sound better than any 'gaming' headset. Personally I'd suggest the AKG K512 as a closedback, not expensive solution. A step up in price and sound quality are the AKG K540, demiopen and if you can stretch to 79 get the K240s. they're just great, I've got 2 of them in my studio.

I'm not a rep for AKG, i just really like their products and tried a good deal of them, otherwise I'd suggest you give Fostex a try. Sennh of course is a great choice, but I've had just a couple of them and never loved them. I've never owned a Beyerdynamic, but I know they're very good also.