I think my build is almost done just need feedback


i already have the graphics card 


thanks for any feedback!

Looks alright, though that case certainly isn't what I would have picked. You are going to need something better then a 212+ if you plan on overclocking, though.

what case would you choose?

I would personally for around that price pick a corsair c70 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811139013 with the c70 you wouldnt use the 200mm fan though you would in turn get 140mm or 120mms. also the hyper 212 would be fine for mild overclocking i have my fx-8350 at 4.62Ghz stable with a single noctua fan to replace the stock fan for noise purposes and using arctic silver 5 thermal compound and temps under load get to 57C max after testing for an hour.

I would really stronger ram since its so cheap right now. 50 bucks gets you 2133 . The ultra rouge Full tower m925 is really a decent case for aircooling could save a few bucks that way. Spend it on a better cpu cooler or more fans.

it is a substantially larger tower depends if OP has space for it being he had picked a mid.

Dat 660ti.

Looks good.