I think my BigSur VM is broken(possible clickbait?) <sarcasm>


150% CPU utilization? I think it forgot how to count.

It’s normal, it means it is using more than a core and the total load is more than what a single core could give…

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Even though all 6 cores were around 50% utilization?

6 cores times 0.5 = 3.0 → 300% in core/cpu/unix terms
you should be worried if activity monitor listed more than 6x100%

I find htop gives you a better representation of cpu/memory usage, as you will never have a single core going over 100%, but you may have a given process give you the same number as activity monitor …


Hmm interesting. I’ve never used a Mac OS other than my iPad or iPhone, so getting this VM to work has been interesting. Unfortunately since it’s not Apple hardware, I can’t connect my AppleID to download apps.

I’ve been considering finding a newer-ish Macbook from Marketplace or somewhere to toy with.