I think I screwed up my Intel Wireless-AC 7260

I was in the Adapter Settings menu, removing some old virtual VPN adapters, and I think I accidentally removed some Clients/Services/Protocols from the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapters... Now my WiFi signal is always weak and the connection is slow.

I installed the PCIe Mini AC 7260 card to go with the Asus AC1900 router I also installed, to upgrade my home network to 802.11AC.

Before the accident I was getting full signal strength, as you would expect from a router that is only about 10 feet away across the living room.

I suspect that the Virtual WiFi Adapters are used by the 7260 card for multiband, and that I fucked up the mutiband capability of the 7260 card, so how do I repair its installation?

Or maybe I'm just a complete idiot, IDK. Here's the adapter I'm using:

And my router: