I think I damaged my Nexus5's screen

Hi community,

hopefully I'm posting in the correct section here, my first topic at all here :D

So I have Nexus5 and it had like 2second reboots I cleaned the powerbutton with 99% rubbing alcohol yeah it worked again and I was hey let's clean the other connectors too... well didn't go that well.

Then I had such blue ink looking dots on that LCD, but it still works and looks ugly+not very bright anymore. I used to hairdry that device like no tomorrow and the blue ink got away and instead I have now such darker to bright sections.
I thought if this stays I gonna bath that thing in rubbing alcohol(of course without battery) to get atleast one brightness level.
I wanna note here that stuff kinda moves a bit if a lot pressure is applied.

Does 99,9% isopropyl damage LCD's?

IDK if this goes away since 1 day I don't see any change anymore(3days by now). Is there anything I can do, other than getting a 150€ screen replacement? Sry for the english(if you encounter issues, I'm not native)

Update: Now it's in a box of rice(Does this even help with 99,9% rubbing alcohol?.

MfG Legion495

99% Isopropanol evaporates almost instantly when it comes in contact with air. It might be what's stuck under the screen and with no room to breathe, it can't evaporate. It's either that or screen damage.

So is it ok if I bath it completly in a Isopropanol bath? Without battery. I will try today let it settle 2 hours and then dry a bit, I'm quite sure it's trapped in my LCD screen somehow, but I got no plans getting it out.

I didn't disassemble to beyond the logicboard cover because I'm afraid to really damage the screen so it doesn't work at all anymore.