I really want a monitor but my circumstances complicate things

so i'm a disabled pc gamer who is tired of gaming on a hdtv & I want to get a monitor but my rooms setup makes getting it in a good place to use one hard. i use a transfer lift with ceiling tracking to pick me up cause i can't move my own body,so it would need to be able move but I have no idea what i can do to get the ultimate setup for my living situation.

What about a wall mount with movable hand? Something like this:

This way it can be moved out of the way and be moved in a suitable position when in use.

You could place a monitor on a cart alongside a UPS that you could charge every night. I'm not sure how long the monitor could stay powered though.

I think a modular laptop with a large display would be the best fit for your situation.

I love my tower but i could move it

my pc is by my tv right now

Well, you can use a really long HDMI cable or something and you will not have to move the PC itself...
Wireless mouse and keyboard and USB extension for a controller if you use one, and the monitor on a comfortable position.

would a picture help

I don't really understand, you don't have the space for it? I mean i understand you want to keep the TV, otherwise you could just replace one with the other. So you need to find a place to put the monitor.
The first thing that comes to mi mind is a monitor arm on a wall mount. When you want to watch the TV you just slide it out of the way. When you want to play games, you slide it back in.
If i am missing something, correct me.

tv is quite far a good 10 to 12 feet

15ft HDMI cable... 10$