I really need help

hello good people of the iinternet!

i'm currently trying to find a good video editing software but i don't whant to spend any money on it...

any sugestions?

If you want your software to be free and legal I don't think you'll have much luck.
There might be something out there I don't know about though.

i also have the option ouf torrents... but are they safe?


If you download from a known user marked trusted then you should be fine

you get software for as low as 40 bucks (sony vegas)

or buy pinnacle gear and get software for free

and there was an avid version free version back in the day

and depending on os you have imovie/moviemaker i bet there is a linux equivalent too

everything else is on the .net

but not required ;)



Thanks a lot... But i think i am getting the not so legal version of a program...

There is Avidemux, An free open source video editing program. It has alot of features and i used it a couple of times. Takes a bit to get used to but after that it's great.
Don't know if it has any effects though, Since i only rendered videos in it but there might be i don't know.

what is it that you want to do? (editing/video wise)

Blender has a build-in video editor which is pretty nice. Lightworks is a profesionall tool and free, too.

it is some simple editing in my videos so i can put them on youtube...


ok there you go

if you have an cuda card go with adobe premiere

avid media composer


final cut 7

smoke 2013

but there are far more

but you shoud get some decent tutorials with this little selection here

but still

basic editing, basic program (and they do work well  (ok well enough =)))

There's videoLAN movie creator, but I don't think it's ready yet.


I haven't tried it myself, but you could try this:


i'm going to try avidemux... but i think i'm geting sony vegas...


i found something interesting on reddit

it seems adobe offers the creative suite 2 for free

this includes premiere pro 2 =)


free? I think they just shut down activation, I don't think they're giving it away.