I patched the IT87 (Temperature monitoring) driver, need some help testing it

I’ve created a snippet on gitlab for the config for the Gigabyte X570 Elite motherboard to label the temperature fan inputs appropriately, thought I’d share it here as this appears to be the closest to documentation for using these sensors on Linux that I found on the internet.

Since I’ve just created my account, I can’t include links yet, it appears, so I’ve just included the config files here for now:


chip "it8688-*"
    label fan1 "CPU_FAN"
    label fan2 "SYS_FAN1"
    label fan3 "SYS_FAN2"
    label fan4 "Chipset fan"
    label fan5 "CPU_OPT"

    label temp1 "SYS1 (rear)"
    label temp2 "SYS2 (front)"
    label temp3 "CPU"
    label temp4 "PCIe"
    label temp5 "VRM"
    label temp6 "Chipset"

You’ll also need the following config files to load the module for this motherboard:


options it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1