I need your help with Intel's Quick Sync

Hello everyone, I have an Asus ROG g53sx laptop with windows 7 and I wanted to enable quick sync for OBS. I looked for tutorials and all of them said to look for iGPU on the BIOS, I couldn't find that option and I was wondering if it's still possible. A friend of mine with windows 8 can choose from the dedicated GPU or the integrated graphics, he told me that with win 7 and ubuntu he couldn't do that. What should I do? Upgrade to win 8? Is there any other option? Anything else you require just ask, thanks.

if you are on a laptop the iGPU is already active. And on your laptop you have both integrated graphics and your Nvidia GPU, which are both accessible in windows 7. (Optimus) When you are in the OBS settings, under encoding, you should see three options at the top, x264 encoding (CPU), then Quick Sync, then Nvidia's x264 encoder built into their graphics card (if you have a supported card/drivers) Tick the quick sync option and restart OBS, and you should be good to go.

Note, if you don't have at least version 0.6.2 of OBS, you won't have the option for quick sync.

The thing is I don't know why quick sync in obs appears disabled. Is optimus a feature already included in the gpu or is it a program I have to install. That's actually the feature I was looking for

My issue is that the integrated graphics don't show up in the device manager and just the Nvidia dedicated graphics card

Optimus should be built in. It is a battery saving feature that disables the Nvidia GPU when you arent gaming and runs the display off the intel graphics. Otherwise your battery will die in about an hour, even when idle. Try updating the intel graphics driver. You can find it by googling your CPU name with intel graphics driver after it, or maybe off intel or Asus's website.

My guess here is that your iGPU drivers are outdated so they don't support quick sync. A simple update should fix that.

It doesn't seem to work :/ Since it's an i7 2670QM it has hd graphics 3000 but, when I tried to install it the driver it said the system didn't meet the minimum requirements. What would happen if I disable the Nvidia Graphics card? Should the system go to the integrated graphics or just a black screen?

Would install Windows 8 change something? I uninstalled nvidia drivers and it seems to only detect the nvidia gpu and not the iGPU