I need to Throttle my mac books bandwidth

Before everyone gets on my case, I am a low voltage technician and I install stuff like alarm systems, camera systems, sound systems, etc. I bought a mac because a lot of clients I deal with use apple so I needed a mac to play with and test different software for these clients. That being said here is my issue. I have a friend who likes to play WoW. He and his girlfriend play. On occasion I go over his house and play with them. Now my issue is my mac absolutely destroys the bandwidth. I basically make them get kicked off of the server every 2 mins while I stay connected fine. This has resulted in me having to bring my lan build over when I play. Which I don't mind but seeing as though WoW plays perfectly fine on my MBP I find it more convenient to bring that then my lan set up. So I guess to get to the crux of my question is what is the best way to fix this problem of hogging all the network resources? Should I bring another router to sub divide his network just for me? I have experience in setting up home networks but nothing too serious like custom sub nets and what not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


There is some software that limits bandwidth going to different devices. Generally monitors and controls internet usage. So, you're in luck. Bad news is, I cannot remember what it is called. But, I think it will do the trick.

Someone else will probably identify it.

I'm sorry, I don't use Macs, or any Apple products, so the only software that I know of if Linux and Windows-based.

I would rather go hardware route to fix this. I have oodles of routers. I feel like there is a way to make a sub network that is nerfed. Just for me and this asshole of a mac book. I should have just got a mac mini and stayed with a windows laptop o_O


Get this https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/28072/entonnoir.

To throttle a MAc or any Apple product i tend to drop a brick on it!