I need to capture 8 different microphone feeds

I have 8 security cameras, and I’d like to add 8 microphones to each camera. I don’t even know how to begin to do this. I’ll record the video and audio seperate, but what kind of hardware do I use that accepts 8 different audio inputs? Linux solutions on the software side are preferred.

There are audio interfaces that can capture 8 mics no problem (Behringer UMC1820, to give one cheaper example).

A quick search yields other forums where similar questions have been asked for example here.

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Focusrite make the Scarlet too but they more music orientated but would do what you want too. Sometimes you find deals.

All of the options I can think of are based on music recording or PA.

Little note: The company is called “Focusrite” (their series are called Scarlett and Clarett), they are higher-end and generally better quality compared to Behringer.

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You are totally ritigh, slip of the memory. Thanks for the correction.

You need separate device for each separate audio or video, its basically simple as that

Then with these interfaces what Maze is listing, you can get several audio devices from single package

But to keep things sane I would just record these 8x video feeds, and have just that whatever mic setup come to audio mixer, and then have that as single audio feed to PC

This shit gets complicated if you want to keep things separate, and one way I can think of would be to set things like camera1+mic1, camera2+mic2, and so on :man_shrugging:t2:


Is there any reason I couldn’t use 8 usb mics?

This will be for a haunted house. I was thinking maybe 8 usb extenders (over cat5/6) with mics plugged in on one end, and the other side plugged into 8 usb ports on the computer. I don’t know on the software side if each usb audio mic are individual streams I can dump to a file though.

Could work. Depends how good the drivers and software are made.

if you can get the capture devices recognised in ALSA arecord -l

best option for audio routing would be to load them all into JACK audio, then they could be recorded multichannel in ardour or similar

maybe use OBS and configure different scenes to switch between video and audio feeds

Most security cams are a network feed. Adding 8 more network feeds would suck…Upgrade the cams with sound.

Or add 8 microphones over the network that stream audio.