I need to ask some dumb questions

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a huge learning binge and dove deep down the rabbit hole of networking.

The main thing is this needs to separate from the main network as my girlfriend works from home and I cannot mess up her internet connection.

Originally I was working with Proxmox on a Dell T310 but had to give up after not getting the PERC S300 to work…

Now I’ve been working on a PI 4B with Twister OS on it. I want to put pihole, wireguard VPN, and possibly a small website (professional resume) always running.
When setting up all the programs I’m confused if they need to have the same or different local IP’s.
We are currently using the Comcast provided modem/router combo as the gateway.
I do understand this is the DHCP server.
Does it make sense to set up the first static IP in the Router for the pi? That way it’s reserved there and then do the same from the pi?
For example, the pi might have reserved. Then since the “pihole” is acting as a server, set the “pihole” to Then the wireguard as

I know the best option would be to set up a separate VLAN but I can’t do that right now with the equipment that I have. I understand that the pi won’t become the DNS server unless I point traffic to it. I won’t change the router DNS but will change my (not my girlfriends) individual machines downstream to point back to it.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Generally, the pi would have reserved. Then pihole would use ports 53, 80, 4711, etc on the address Wireguard would use port 51820 (or something else, it is selectable) on

Here is probably the easiest way to set it up. Leave the DCHP server on your modem/router combo as is, and pointing to your current default DNS server (,, comcast dns, or whatever). Then, setup pihole, but do not enable DHCP on it, because you should have only one DHCP server per lan / vlan. Then, on any devices you want pihole DNS, manually change the DNS ip on that device to or whatever the pihole IP is.

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Thank you!

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