I need the most balls to the wall system for under $1600

well I use revit and it can use up to 16 cores when rendering realistic images and when doing so the fastest way would be to let the cpu work with the gpus cuda cores



akira, if you're so sure of everything and taking others' suggestions with attitude and unappreciation, why not just put the build together yourself?

cuda is not just another core. it has to be coded in the software. revit has no gpu acceleration, period. no opengl, no cuda, no open cl.

Ya... Commissar is right.... Why do you want 3D so much? Just get 3 (or more) nice IPS monitors, and have fun!

yes your correct. but you might like to look at this article. http://develop3d.com/blog/2011/11/live-from-au-autodesk-and-nvidia-deliver-cloud-based-gpu-rendering-in-3ds-m

i know that revit uses Mental Ray for rendering at the moment http://www.nvidia.com/object/nvidia-mental-ray.html

(I have the full autodesksuit from school)


Not an attitude just info.

that's a re-coded version. I checked the docs on autodesk. there is no gpu acceleration.

and that mental ray is probably only on tesla and quadro's, and is meant for much larger scale than you likely to be working on