I need the most balls to the wall system for under $1600

Need one 3d monitor, keyboard and mouse, No OS needed, one or 2 ssd's with storage size 240gb +or more, gpu(s) cpu, case, psu (no Mechanical HDD's) mb ram...  a good cooler

amd or intel

going for GPU power, FX-8350 ($180) Club3D Radeon HD 7990 6GB ($920) 8GB DDR3 1600 $40 case $60 SSD $140 cpu cooler thermaltake Frio $60

try again and no amd gpu i need cuda and Nvidia 3d

dont feel like bothering with it, and there is no reason to buy a nvidia gpu


i threw this build together for you: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v4fX

i'm not sure what to get for a good keyboard and 3D monitor.for the monitor and keyboard. if you change your mind get the 7950 from amd

What kind of reponse is this? "try again"...? you're asking the community for some help with that attitude? Seriously? Try being a little more polite next time...

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v4kG + http://www.avadirect.com/product_details_parts.asp?PRID=18036

That should be good. You can use the stock cooler until you want to overclock, then you can get a nice cooler.

I need a nvidia gpu for nvidia 3d. they have a much better 3d implementation than amd dose.

nice build, but its not exactly balls to the wall.

Also, two SSDs in RAID 0 will give amazing proformance

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v4wV thank you to every one who helped. I think this is about the best i can do. I'll just buy a H100 when some more money frees up.

or http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v4zL

last minute fix:

get the 680 uber mentioned it's $10 cheaper i don't know why, and it'll perform better

and spend i little bit more on the proc. and get an 8350 it's clocked @ 4.0 and scores better by 800pts http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html

Depends what its for; if its for gamming, get the i7, if its for rendering, or other multithreaded CPU work, get the FX. Also, two 120GB SSDs in RAID 0 would have substantially better proformance than one 250GB.

As for CPUBenchmark.com, they're good as a general guide, but for individual tasks, its not great.


i'll probly end up with 3 monitors so i want a gpu with more memory and the fx 8320 is the same thing as the fx 8350 just clocked lower. you can oc the 8320 the same as the fx 8350 on the stock heatsink

the one you picked has 4gb ram the 680 uber picked has 2gb ram

with the ssd yes your right but i like the reliability of the vertex 4 a lot i had a ssd raid 0 crash on me and i lost every thing on the drive. i had most of the important shit backed up but i had to redownload lots of shit.


well said.


being you never mentioned multiple monitors,... stick with the 4GB

if you ARE going to do some personal OC'ing then yes keep the 8320 and OC it yourself to 4.0

If you want reiability, logan opened but both the vertex 4 and the kingston hyperx 3k and he liked the build quality more on the 3k. but that's logan and we all know he's weird :P

Listen, you can't tell us to give you a build, and then tell us it doesn't work because of something about it you didn't say it needed.

As for multi-monitor, go eyefinity, its better.

Yeah plus one to eyefinity, what are you doing that you need Cuda for?

he said at first he wanted a 3D monitor which would explain the Nvidia, but nvidia 3D is a gimmick and a poor one at that

if hes saying he wants to go multi monitor than he should go AMD

Phosgene , i didn't mean to insult you. i know that amd is better for multi-monitor gaming but i need cuda for a cad program, and I would like to use Nvidia 3d because it works well with a lot of different monitors as for the amd 3d solution it only works with a hand full of monitors.

i liked you build i just needed a Nvidia gpu in it.

well, i know cadd. cad is very, very linear, and barely has high-thread optimization, let alone cuda. cuda won't help at all anyways.. however, the 3d thing is right... unfortunately