I Need Steam Buddies

I play as much as i can and would be stoked to have a few friends on steam to play with..... 

my steam name is   nsrider2000  

I play a variety of games including FPS, RPG, Strategy, Sim, Sports

I would perfer the over 21 crowd please, I myself am 30, welder by trade, nerd by choice ... hit me up

okay, I've over 21. Don't play too many co op or multiplayer games but I do play mostly the same genres of games.

Steam name is Tiddles


The only games on my library that has co-op is Dark Souls, Far Cry 3, Portal, L4D, & L4D2,

I'll add you if you play Dota 2, or Loadout. It's all I play at the moment.

Soon to be some Starbound but unlike Terraria that seems more of a solo based game with all the planet hopping.

Over here please: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/pc-gaming/official-post-your-steamorigin-profile-here/122932

Thread closed.