I need some opinions about Superlux HD668B

So i am considering buying the Superlux HD668B headphones and i currently have the Zalman ZMMIC1 Lapel Microphone and i chat with friends during gaming and am not sure if the sound that comes out of the open headphones will affect the mic in any way (meaning that when i talk with friends they would be able to hear what am hearing). Also if you have the Superlux HD668B ....are they any good ? do they stand the test of time and quality? THANKS xd

Generally speaking the answer is yes. It will create a quasi echo.

However my friend plays with open back headphones and the zalman mic and I do not notice an issue.

Sooooooooooo my guess is that you should be fine. But all I can give you is an educated guess. Your mileage may vary.

Not sure about the mic, but I got a friend that has used his Superluxes daily for the last year and a half. No quality issues. I've been looking to get a set myself. He slapped a Modmic on it and the echo isn't too terrible, I can hear the occasional explosion from his end when he's got it cranked.

I wonder if i use a desktop mic. It might not echo...i think

I have the brother of the superlux, the SR850's and considering that they have exactly the same drivers, yes they are very good. They are also very moddable and you can find some threads on head-fi.org about people that have done it if you get bored with them. One big gripe though is the earcups, they are absolutely horrendously uncomfortable. Whatever they did, they did it wrong. But this isnt a big deal because they happen to be the same size as the AKG 240 earcups which you can pick up a nice velour pair off ebay for about 6 bucks. After that they are very nice. Essentially they are the same headphone only that they look a little different

Grab them they are a great set of headphones and really good backup if you have a good set which get broken by a friend because he was drunk and sat on them like what happened to me and dont have the money to replace your expensive headphones because you are a broke uni student.... :sad face: but anyway, definitely worth the money

Edit: Also they are semi open back so sound does not leak enough for a microphone to pick up and i use mumble daily and no one has had any issues with sound echoing