I Need Some Help Choosing a PSU

I thought I would be safe with the power supply I chose for this build but after doing some reading I'm not sure if it has enough amps on the +12v rail.  

Build here

The GPU takes 35 Amps, the stock one at least, and I plan to overclock it more. I also plan to overclock the CPU as far as is safe. I know the 600 watts on the PSU is enough, but I'm not sure about the amperage on the +12v rail. So my question, will 46 Amps be enough +12v juice to power an OC'd HD7850, OC'd X4 965 BE, and the rest of a system?

Yea you'll be good with that PSU. But why a phenom x4 ii? and a havik 140? 

Thanks for the help.

And 1) I've heard Phenom IIs get really damn hot when you OC them

2) because I can, ha. But, I was planning to use that cooler for quite a while, on a couple or 3 computers.