I need some free games that will run on my laptop

Ok my mom is visiting for a few weeks,and was unable to bring her pc with her,and she games,for the same reason i do(a way to get away from stress)

I decided i am going to let her use my laptop while she is up here,here is the specs of it:http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/satellite/C650/C655D-S50852/

The thing is she also left her games with her pc,i would buy her some but i have no extra money so i need some free ones.

Here is a list of game she either already has on her pc back at home or she knows she likes.

Civ 4




mahjong Titans

Spider Solitare & Freecell

Age of Mythology

Age of Empires 1&2

command and conquer 3


Diablo 1&2

DDO(Will my laptop play this game at all?)

Oregon Trail(she like them all but 5 is her fav)

Yes i know 2-3 of these already come with windows,but this list is to give an idea of the kind of games she plays.

Also links would be helpful.

From the looks of things, Age of Empires 2 is actually free to download now.


I think that might be just a demo,but i will download it anyway,any more suggestions?



minecraft is not free but i may lend her my account for a little bit.

There's always Alien Swarm and Audio Surf....I think Audio Surf is free anyway. Just look on steam for free games.


I have the same GPU on my laptop so these are what I play, World of Tanks, Battleforge, and TF2. You can also play League of Legends if your intrested.

There is a whole section of free to play games on steam, you might find something on there, hope this helps.

League Of Legends!