I need help

so i dont know if this is where i go to get help but i must first start off by saying that i an new to computers i was ignorant in thinking i could solve any problem that may come along by myself so here it goes my computer was running normaly and i was watching a vidio on youtube i step away for a minuite and all of asudden when i come back the screen is going from normal to black and it did that a few times then restarted by itself immediatly after it restarted it installed a program and that was it for a bit . i got sus so i looked at a few things i was told to look at hidden files but i did not touch anything because i didnt feel comfertable messing with stuff i didnt know about but anyways i looked under network and there were 2 computers not 1 im the only one in the house with a computer so i thought tht was weird anyways again i start poking around and all of a sudden my computer goes glitchy and then the 2nd computer just dissapeared any help would be appreciated on this matter thankyou if it helps i have an acer aspire E11 i know its lowspec but it was only supposed to be a placeholder untill i got a job

Might be overheating, might be a display driver issue

Also maybe check your event log

I dont know that your black screen and your extra PC on your network are related, if it happens again, be sure to remember the device name. There is a possibility that your PC may be seeing a phone or possibly itself as a media device. Your black screen sounds like it may have been a restart due to an update. Do as @streetguru recommends and read your event log for more information to give us next time.

i went to event logger every time there is a critical its because of KERNAL-POWER there are also alot of errors from service control manager and distributedCOM

So, power supply it seems

Wait it's a laptop isn't it, try running it without the battery and run it just from the AC adapter

I dont remember totally, but I think that also happens with thermal shutdown. in that case, you will have to break the case down and clean out the heat sink and fan.