I need help with Foobar2000

Ok, so I follow Logan's video on how to sync with your iPod through foobar. One issue... I can't change the bit rates or file formats. I told the iPod Manager to do so in it's settings, but it won't. My files are mostly .aiff and I need to convert them to .wav so they'll work on PC. Most of the songs have very high bit rates (CD/Vinyl quality) and I need to compress that to fit it onto my iPod. Help me, please.

I couldn't get the iPod plugin to work either, so I just tell foobar to do the conversion. Here's my method:

  1. Right-Click > Convert > ...
  2. Select the file format you desire.
  3. Select source track folder as the output destination. This will place the new files alongside the originals.
  4. Save your settings as a new preset. Proceed with the conversion.
  5. Once that is done, with the files open in foobar, simply select the converted files, right-click, and send them to your device. Now you can always choose your saved preset easily before syncing with the iPod.

Hope that helped!

Is there any way to tell it to convert on the fly instead of having to save another copy of the files? I have a lot of music and could do without another copy. iTunes is able to do this...

I feel where you're coming from, but I haven't figured out a better way since that plugin isn't working properly. As for the converted files, they're only temporary anyway. I usually delete them after they're done syncing while keeping the original files on my hard drive.

The reason it might work on iTunes is because Apple locks their iPods from being accessed like a normal flash drive, otherwise you'd be able to just set the destination of the converted files to a folder directly on the device itself. It's pretty silly, I know.

Well, actually, my iPod can be enabled for disk usage...

Can you drag and drop files in that mode though? If so, problem solved. You can just tell foobar to convert the files and send them to a folder on the device simultaneously. Thing is, that's the way most MP3 players I've encountered work, but not iPods, hence the need for a plugin just to be able to access the device when it's plugged in.

Well, sort of... I could drop them into the Recordings folder, but I can't just drop them into the Music folder because there isn't one.

UPDATE- a new issue. Foobar doesn't organize the album's songs in the correct order. It's all jumbled and out of order. I don't understand where Logan is coming from in saying that this is a good audio player.

Foobar just sorts from the tags on file, so it's more likely tags are missing on your files. Try refreshing the tags from the internet by right-clicking and going to Tagging, or you can also let foobar set the order of the tracks for you by right-clicking and going to Properties.

In my experience it is more frustrating when a media player "kills you with convenience" by showing you albums in their correct order, only for you to find errors in the tagging after you've synced them to your device and can't edit them from there. Nothing I've seen stands up to foobar in terms of giving you control over your media.

Source: Exclusive user of foobar for several years now; even found out about Tek Syndicate through a foobar tutorial!

Ok, I am using iTunes for iPod syncing now. Case closed.