I need a new phone

I like customization, camera, and nice screen. Obviously it's an android but there are too many to chose from. Also if anyone can give me a one plus one invite that would make my day. With the promise that I will share the invites with everyone here in this forum. 

Sorry, don't have a one plus invite, but I do have a current moto X and it's freaking awesome, very underrated. In-fact I'm actually surprised that Tek Syndicate even did a video covering it, but everything said is spot on. You can make a customized one in Moto Maker, it has a super sharp, now 1080p AMOLED display and great battery life. I feel like Logan kinda down-played it against the one plus one since it's the one he likes, and I'd probably do the same, but on a spec standpoint they're almost identical. The version of android is literally vanilla. The only extra-software is at the system level and ties directly into hardware features like active display and touchless control. (Look them up it's awesome)

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 EDIT: Oh yea, the camera is great and excels in low-light conditions.

It all depends on your budget. For $200 you can go for the Moto G or a Nexus 5 for the high $200. $300 - $400 you have the Moto X, a new Nexus 5 on the play store.

nexus 5, since atlantis is back at deving on xda with his cataclysm rom and is ironing out bugs even before google. it is nice to see such detication. plus you can get it really cheap new or used and don't forget about the updates. cm is still cm and no matter what people say it has more bugs then stock android plus the one plus one is hard to get and also updates take longer to get pushed. the next device next to the n5 would be for me the new moto x 2014 and that is that. or buy a g3 which overheats while taking 4k vids :P

You can now buy the one plus one without an invite, so go grab that, it is an awesome phone for the money