I need a GPU bad (wanted)(Update)

okay so my 8200m just took a shit, so I had to disable it and use a X600

I need something a bit stronger, anything really, I have a 4GHz 955BE and I can't do shit with this card

What budget are you working with.  I have Crossfire 6970s (reference design with add on waterblocks) that I'd sell.

well I just sold my main rig to pay for 240SX chassis because I was broke, I'm working at a fried chicken joint for minimum wage and I have bills to pay and a game to fund

budgets not too high, I'd settle for a 210GT or 5450 at this point


I have a 7900gs for $1 if you also pay shipping.


hey man... I've been moving this weekend... I'll try to get something for you tomorrow. 

Where you moving to logan?

if no one else cando anything better, ill send you a 4890 for 40 bucks + shipping.

across the street... lol

let me look through my box of tech and see what i could grab for you!!

As Logan knows i have a soft heart for a fellow in need!!

well my friends 1st gen i7 asus laptop for video rendering crapped out so I'm letting him barrow my 955 rig until his 2011 replacement rig comes in, and for now I'm using a pentium D so I won't be in a rush to get a better GPU for at least a week since the CPU wouldn't be strong enough for anything anyway, though @tacopat my friend's fiance isn't in much better shape, I'll take you up on that 7900GS as a wedding gift, pm me for shipping and payment methods

okay Payday is tomorrow and by the time it gets shipped here I should have his rig together and mine back

so who am I ordering from?


his rig






going to put a 212 EVO on it his nex paycheck, people get 4.6 and don't break 60C on the Evos

I got your message but couldn't read it because there somthing wrong with the site contact me via STEAM!!  MASSKILLA is the name i always am connected on steam either by pc or phone!!

ok, I'll get on steam as soon as I get an get home, I've had a 3 day weekend from work and I've been fixing/building like 15 computers the entire time so I've been super busy

Masskilla, If I'm not on you should be able to get my address from nate on steam if I'm unavailable

did u get culture shock?

did anyone notice that he said 8200m. Is he talking about a noteboook gpu? cause the last time i checked anything with a m in the title usually stands for mobile. meaning it is not changeable.

bruh, this post was from 3 years ago >.<

if Gigabuster wishes to update this thread let him but right now Necro post is a Necro Post.

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