I miss my podcasts :-)

@wendell I am all supportive wrt. the new content strategy for youtube, but I kind of miss the podcast as this makes life a lot easier for me. Any chances of getting it back? Audio only will do :slight_smile:

Edit: I guess my use case running around all day to get my stuff done to finally catch a train and then notice I forgot to download the video from YT doesn’t resonate well here :slight_smile: And yes I’m a patreon.


I mean, we used to get a single 60-90 minute video where they now produce multiple 30-60 minute videos every week.
You could always just put them in a playlist and watch/listen to the uninterrupted 2-3hr show when they all release.
After all we’re getting more content…

Patrons get the whole thing, iirc (not split into different videos posted throughout the week).

As to the podcast thing one solution I can think of atm is converting the video to a mp3 or something else and listen to it.

Considering Youtube now separates audio from video (to make it harder to download videos) this should be easy to do with a video downloader extension of some type for your browser.

I use Flash Video Downloader with an additional module install required - FVD_Downloader_Module_1.0.8.msi MD5 Hash C30F30F914AAC2EBBBA5D1EF41EE58B3 - within a fork of FireFox browser Win7/10. Very useful for all kinds of such separated media; recombines them after downloading.

youtube-dl -k <URL> will do the same thing.

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The $20 patreon tier provides the audio podcast.

Do you mean the patron only podcast? I believe they said they were releasing another one soon. @kreestuh you mentioned something in the news you wouldn’t stop talking about that would be in the podcast.

Do you mean I need to interpret “exclusive Podcasts” as “you actually GET podcasts” instead of “you get podcasts with exclusive content” ?

If by exclusive you mean an unedited contiguous version of the news then yes.

Double yes if its the same thing you could do with a one liner bash script.

Ok thanks for the info. Too bad. I hadn’t read it like that.

I don’t blame you. They only said it in a video. Basically, you get a pod cast if you subscribe to the $19 tier or higher.

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We also do bonus podcasts for all patron levels when we have a record breaking month (we’ve had three in a row now, which is amazing).

The full news, uninterrupted, is also posted every monday night on patreon.


Sorry, I still don’t get it.

So, I’ve been getting the free pod casts for a while now, but it stopped May 22nd. Regardless of if I want edited/unedited or cut/uncut versions, is there any pod cast at all I can get for free now? It needs to be audio since I listen while driving to work every day.
I am a patreon, but I’m a lowly $1, so I guess I don’t get any.

Seems like the podcasts stopped updating again. Probably since the longer form 3 part episodes?
It is all automated, so something probably changed somewhere and broke a script.

I mean the general podcast, or audio version of the news videos, which were available to everyone. Not the Patreon specific fireside chat podcasts, that have had a few freely available episodes.

So reading this thread I concluded that there is no more free podcast - which I can respect. But I still miss :wink:

I would say there was an issue but it’s been magically resolved! (Cheers!) Check https://level1techs.com/podcasts/feed now!

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Yep those ones I got. I was aiming for the audio-only per-episode ones :slight_smile: It’s probably a choice indeed.

Ah you must be talking about the super secret super patreon only ones, which are not the news, but more of a random chat?

Not a clue TBH :slight_smile: