I may have fully switched to Linux. By accident

So i was under the impression from a few "misleading" YouTube videos, that if i make a new partition on my drive and install Linux that i would be able to boot off of either the main drive (with windows 7) or the partition (with Linux Mint 17.1).

Apparently i was wrong, because i got Linux up and running; went to restart and switch to windows. But nothing was there, other than the drive with Linux on it.

Now if i go into Computer on Linux, it shows the two separate partitions. I can even access my data from windows, it just does not show up in my bootable devices in the bios.

How do i fix this? I mean i really love Linux, but i need to play my games! HALP


grub will find other operating systems, like windows, on your PC, and list them, so that you can select the one you want to boot up when you switch the system on.

How would i install grub?

Edit: I figured it out!