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I made a mouse out of scrap parts



Hello and welcome to my first ever blog on this Site. Hope you don't mind any grammar that may creep up. Non native English speaker here. :D

/* Story time:

To kick things off i will start with the background story. I had my Razer Lachesis mouse played CS:GO with it and after a while replaced it with my now 2 years old Zowie FK1. The design of the Lachesis was very awkward to say the least. Meant only for claw grip use. I had to force myself to play that particular style. So when i started using the new Zowie mouse my skill ceiling jumped for like 2X. I said to myself never touch that ugly thing of a mouse again.
2 year down the road my friend gave to me his hard locked Deathadder. I tried everything to get that thing to work but no luck. The chip was dead. Obviously the deathadder has a legendary status that's why i chose to throw it into a bag and store it for... an opportunity to reuse later.

It was a sunny day xDD. When i got that WTF i have nothing to do BUT i want to do something itch. Then i remembered the bag of mice parts. !!! let's make a freaking frankenstein mouse.

Well i don't have pictures of my beginning but what i did was i took the working sensor/board out of the lachesis and put it into the deathadders body.

The result:

That's right hot glue to the rescue. I knew if the sensor wouldn't be centered the mouse would be useless. After idk 5-10 attemts filing down plastic and a new hot glue stick later i got it perfectly center.

The next thing missing is buttons. The upper board of the lachesis was functional but useless i needed the deathadder one where the switches would line up with the shell ofc. The connection between the two boards was provided with a pin array so i knew, there are all the connections i needed for the swtiches.

This was the most teadious part of all. So much trial and error. The diagnostic method was simple plug in the mouse, short the pins and hope for something to happen.

This is what i've got:

Ok i have the basics. Don't need any others for instance one combination disabled the trackpad on my laptop (Fedora 25).
Now begins the soldering. I cutted some nice thin easy bendable wires and soldered them directly to the switches because the proper pins didn't work.

Now the nightmares began by soldering them to the correct pins that i labeled. That's where i found a major disappointment. No matter what i did only left and right buttons worked at the same time. If there where any more added to the pin array, nothing would work except the sensor. The best i could do was the scroll wheel to recognise one single turn that's it. Accepting no defeat i decided to leave the scroll wheel out. Not ideal but this mouse was not for productivity in mind only a fun project to make a CS:GO mouse. And i don't use the scroll in-game anyway :D.

This is the cut down version only left and right buttons connected. Gray and black wires are positive while blue and red are negative where the current is returning over a single pin. Aaand for some added challange i broke that pin off.

The next step was to prepare the shell so it will fit together. The side buttons were dummies at this point and with the side switches removed i decided to hot glue them in place.

They won't go anywhere solid as a rock no kidding.

At this stage the mouse was functional the only problem was to screw the two halves of the shell together. With some drilling and screws it was eventually done.

Some debraiding of cables.

And ofcorce weight check. Has to be light. 95 grams nice!

Final pictures:

The goal of this project was to create something that costs 0 cents. Can be build with mouse parts lying around and some basic skills. That's exactly what i achieved here.
I already tested the mouse and it's doing great. Good tracking, no spin out in fast movements, lift of distance is good not to high. The laser sensor is not perfect but gets the job done. Getting dem headshots like scream 10/10.

I hope you liked this little blog/project of mine that i put together. See you around :D


That's one awesome mouse.

Be proud of yourself.


+1 for the Cacodemon

also love this idea! Great work!


cute plush


Call it Frankenstein Mouse.


Yes xD or the DeathLachesis,


Congrats OP on being creative and ingenuitive. I love it. I hope I can put the same kind of effort into a project as you have.


Oh my, that's some McGuyver type sh*t right there