I kinda need help

so here is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2y6qD and people saying that AM3+ cpu's are dead? and i have no idea what it means should i get an A10 instead of a FX-6300. PS i want to keep the GPU and the PSU because GTX 770 is good and seasonic makes good PSU's. i also thinking of getting a mini-itx but i dont know any good mini-itx motherboards and i dont know if the 770 will fit in a mini-itx case

Well people are saying the AM3+ socket is dead because it's predicted that AMD is going to be making all there Cpu's on the FM2+ socket from now on. There will be more Fx series parts and that was confirmed be AMD, we just don't know what socket they'll be on. You are better off getting a fx-6300 over an A10 because more cores, but sadly there are no good AM3+ or FM2+ motherboards in the Itx or micro Atx format. There re a couple FM2+ boards in itx but there not exactly premium. I am an AMD fan and i own a fx-8350, but i must sadly say, you must go Intel for a powerful Itx system. You'd be looking at an I5 and a gtx 760 in your budget range. An I3 would allow you to keep the gtx 770 but you'd be bottlenecking it horribly. It also worth waiting 2 weeks and seeing what the new Amd kaverari chips bring to the table. They could drop prices on other chips or be a good route for small FM2+. There are lots of FM2+ motherboards being released at CES this week so maybe a good board will be announced. 

If you wanted to go itx, here's what I'd do in the sub $900 range: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2y9qK i left out a case because that's you personal preference.