I just got a reminder that the Xbox One sucks

I just got a reminder that the Xbox One sucks. My internet was out for like 2 hours or so and I thought well let me try some games out. First I put in Fallout 4 in my Xbox One S and well it would not play. It kept asking for me to sign in and when I tried it would then say I needed Xbox Live and of course that was not available to me due to the internet being out. I then played Metro 2033 (Also has Metro Last Light included) on the same console and well yeah I could play the game but I could not save at all. Seriously I thought with the Xbox One that MS had changed it to where you didn’t need to be online to play. I was sure of that. WTF is going on here? Immediately I thought of selling the console because this is utter bs. What is the point of owning games if you can’t play them properly without internet service? I like to own my stuff. I seriously though MS had said they dropped the online connection needed BS. Have I got this wrong and it is Sony who did the right thing?

Update: Sony still has games that require an online connection for single player or need it for a quick update. So it is kind of trash too. The best option I think is moving towards spending money on retro games and consoles like I did for the majority of this year.


I wonder if they snuck it back in. They were panned pretty heavily when the console released for the always online requirement. All DRM aside, it doesn’t work well for people who deploy overseas/ to boats, or just people who don’t have a good internet connection.

It is not like Fallout 4 has online parts either! Maybe it needs to check which settlements need help.

Sony’s system works a little differently. Licenses are downloaded and stored on the system, so if you take the game somewhere else and play it on another console, this will most likely invalidate the license on the original. Although, it won’t know if it is offline. This is mostly transparent and you won’t notice unless you try and game the system, or it crashes and trashes the file system etc.
Many parts of the PS4 need online to even work correctly, such as going into the video apps section. So when my console isn’t online, I cant fire up Plex and watch my own media. This is also partly due to the plex app requiring internets. Lame.

So, Sony did a bit better in this regard. If you have a retail copy of a game on PS4, you can play it offline (this is a bit of a bold claim though, it is also up to the game…)

Edit: @DeViLzzz So you wont be getting a XboxOX? Or what ever its called?

And now, for your regularly scheduled reminder, that the new console are shit.

The new consoles are shit.
Thank you.

For further information just look at your new console.

In all seriousness, this is Microsoft and if they have to force you to use Internet in order to make money, they will.
At least you can turn your console on without Internet. If you want offline gameplay, Microsoft have Xbox 360 just for you…

Oh hello there PC gaming with no requirements for Internet connection and ability to play games from the last century…


Yeah, current gen consoles are horrible. I said it somewhere else a few days ago but the thing about consoles should be that they just work. And they just don’t anymore. PS2 and Gamecube were the last real consoles in my mind.

Huh. I never had a problem with my PS4 and it not working with no internet.

Yup. PS2 was the bomb. Had all the great weird games that I loved. I still have mine somewhere, tracked down a network/HDD kit and modded it because the DVD drive died. Many an hour spent on that. Playstation went downhill after this. PS3 had far too many buggy games that crashed all the time, but it also had heaps of little games on the store that were fun. And that is what its about right?

I don’t buy into the whole PC Master Race thing, I think it is typically just people trying to protect their investment and be part of an exclusive super adventure club to shit on others :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, I have PCs as well as consoles. But there is something to be said for just being able to sit on the couch and fire a game up and play it. Sure I even have a steam link and use it from time to time, but it is not a perfect solution. It bugs out and not every game works with a controller.

Many PC games have issues with always online. Just saying. GOG is fine though.

Gaming in general sucks now.

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I hate my xbox. I really do. Its a buggy pile of garbage. Half the tine it can’t connect to anything, everything crashes when I open an app or even the side bar, and everything runs at 18 fps. It was a birthday gift but fuck me I wabt to burn the fucking thing.

How people praise microsoft for fucking anything is beyond me at this point.

It’s called “Service As A Software Substitute” and I warned you over a decade ago.


IMO the only legit reason for single player console games to require an online connection is if they actually employed the compute/physics offload. I’m not sure any ever did…

If all else fails there is always the reason that the dev teams will drop the edge case features first when release dates are looming and something needs to give.

Microsoft definitely dropped the requirement that xbone had to be online, but it was left up to the developers if they would allow a game to be played when offline.

That’s a pretty high quality image

“DeViLzzz So you wont be getting a XboxOX? Or what ever its called?”

I definitely have no plans to now. I am going to be looking for more Xbox 360 gaming consoles on the cheap plus games that are truly single player offline and/or have MPer through LAN/System Link (no internet required versions as some still require the internet). I will also be looking for more cheap PS3 systems as I want more than two as I need backups for my 3D tv. Also I do have a sizeable PS3 lineup so. Finally GOG … I have to buy more from them but hopefully in the future they will have a better selection of games and cheaper prices.

I just did a tear down on the old PS4 paper weight that has been collecting dust in the corner. Have an old i5-2500k and 16 gigs of ram to throw at it. Maybe make a router? Or SteamBox? Not sure yet.

Well you actually never own games, you just get a license to play them so they have all the rights to do anything (unfortunately).

PCSX2 and old PS2 games are all the fun you can ask for, really!