I just bought 2 Model M´s for 77 bucks and

It doesn´t work in game. Simple as that, you can type anything in the CSGO console and it´ll input perfectly, but once you try to use WASD or CTRL (which, in my case is the Caps Lock key, dont ask why) it doesnt work at all.

Here is a Reddit post where I talk about my tale trying to know what is going on with the keyboard and what behaviour does it follow, as the F keys, the Arrow keys and some numpad keys aside from a few from the main part of the keyboard have some really strange hardware binds, check it out it you feel like helping a poor soul that just got his first 2 mech keyboards

It is nice for typing tho, but I miss gaming to much to not go back to my membrane Logitech one

TLDR: keyboard works fine in Windows, get into a game (tried CS, Terraria and Black Ops 2) and a lot of keys (thank god ALT tabbing works) stop working.