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I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep


Not only do you hear her (or his, no judgement) secrets… so does Sleep Number.

And do they sell all that dirty talk they collect? YOU BETCHA!

For fucks sake, @ryan sure as heck ain’t getting a sleep number bed. The IOT keeps getting more and more awful.

The real question is where does SN store the microphone… is it in the bed, a pump, another component? Or are they assuming your phone (which is probably true in 99% of the cases) will be near your bed so the phones microphone will be always on at what it determines night to phone home with those juicy recordings?


My guess is it’ll use the your phone if it has some sort of app on the phone to control the bed, otherwise you’d need to setup an internet connection most likely (unless they ship it with a paid simcard I guess).


I guess it does have an app but then again I know very little about this product… and this will make me not research them anytime in the future.


the mattress in a box comments made me laugh… I’ve bought a few this way cheap af and quick shipping and setup. would totes recommend over going to a mattress store. i go for the natural foams due to them being biodegradable in direct sunlight and having a 5-10 year warranty depending on which mattress you buy. i just throw em if i gotta move 150$-200$ for a 8" thick queen delivered to your door with free shipping

these IOT crap will keep expanding which is sad now even beds aren’t safe


I actually got a Nectar recently… really like it. And yeah… IOT from hell.


i tend to stay away from buying super expensive mattresses 300$+ because its like car insurance… the same products, different prices and names


Nectar was the cheapest memory foam mattress I could find… and I was on a 18 year mattress so anything was better. It was just at 1K for the entire setup… I was kinda ticked when I saw they were on sale for Black Friday on Amazon but oh well.


do i feel bad for you 8" unless you are 290+ lbs then a 10" or 12" thick its all the same stuff just different outer shell and topper most times. and the mattress in a box fad is not a fad its a huge cost saving measure


I’m about 230 right now so not all that far off 290… so the extra thickness does come in handy. I just like the fact I didn’t get ripped off at a mattress store.


i spent a lot of time looking into this because i was dumb fuck who wanted a wall to wall bed … basically was looking into building my own mattress … turns out we barely use the top 4-6" of a mattress

the mattress industry is one of those ripe for this type of disruption


Mattress industry actually seems to oddly be booming lately (in that they keep opening way more stores than seems to make sense everywhere). The thing is, mattresses are one of the most marked up items you can buy, so any sales they make are huge (and salesmen are paid on commission, so low costs for owners a lot of the time).

They’re a bit more like cars though. There really are differences between types and brands as to comfort and reliability and such, but to a large extent it’s really the same models recycled for a few years between real changes for any given brand (like how a 2016 [Make] [Line] is the same basic model as the 2015 and 2017 for a car, but in 2012 they had some major new release and in 2019 they’ll have one again). They are also like cars in that you should never pay the sticker price at a mattress store (salesmen have a decent bit of leeway to discount that mattress to make a sale since, as I said, they are hugely marked up). Certain mattresses are like an old Honda Civic too, in that they’ll last 50 years (not sure if that’s an exaggeration or too conservative right now for the specific ones I’m thinking of), while others will start loosing their luster in 5 years (though any decent mattress should last 10-20).
Source: Brother worked in the mattress industry for years. He hated it and got out, but he knew the stuff at least.


time to get one of these