I have no idea what I'm doing

Which should be obvious by my Username. The guy with the awesomesauce beard from the razetheworld Youtube channel said to come here and "join the family" so here i am..

I've been playing SW:ToR on an HP DV6 3230 Laptop since it launched in December of 2011 and I get roughly 5 frames a second in high graphic areas :c It's time for something better.

I don't need a $2000 rig, just something to get it to medium/max settings and still have a playable frame rate. Any and all advice will be welcomed. Price range would be between $500-$700, anyone have a parts list?

you got monitor?


starting from scratch. no monitor, no keyboard. so add $100 for the monitor?

Tell the max amount you can afford if you want everything, i guess you would be wanting speakers also?