I have an idea, i think

Where ca i go in near knoxville, tn to learn tech and do science experiments for free?

if you’re really real, and not a spam bot:

that’s a very weird question

first of all, to learn tech for free we have the internetz, there’s knowledge everywhere

for science experiments I have no idea, and maybe you can’t

how old are you anyways?

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Are you thinking of something like a maker space? https://www.makerspaces.com/what-is-a-makerspace/

The ones I know of may let you go in for free with another member, but they’re not free to use. Upkeep requires money and they don’t let just any rando use their expensive machines.

That said, membership is generally reasonable, although a lot of them will push more successful members to donate extra to foot the bill for expensive things like a laser sintering machine.

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30 years old lol. i am trying to study computer science but no-one at the saw mill i work at even knows what a CPU is, or is willing to give me any time away to study… but i would like to rent a small office and do; basic desktop and server builds, to LN2 overclocking and invite parents and kids to watch or something like that if that explains my question a bit better


You probably want some online courses. There’s free stuff like MIT CourseWare, there’s stuff like Coursera and several others.

For doing PC builds and networking stuff I’d look for something like a hackerspace. I’ve seen several around the Denver area (where I am) which have donated server hardware and networking equipment around. You would definitely have to work cooperatively with the other members though. People get annoyed if someone breaks down their test network for parts, although no one can expect to hog all the good stuff forever.

Although with the COVID stuff most of these shared spaces have closed down. It’s too complex to stay open with all the requirements.

Oh and LN2 cooling is just a stunt. You really do need some hands-on training to handle hazardous materials properly. LN2 is not even that bad as chemicals go, but you can seriously damage or kill yourself anyway.

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Like, I found this link https://www.cmich.edu/fas/fsr/rm/EHS/Documents/Liquid%20Nitrogen%20Safety.pdf

Which covers a lot of things that can go wrong. But doesn’t mention some tricks people know, like that no gloves are better than the wrong type of gloves.

Notice all the warnings about prolonged skin contact. LN2 will boil off from your skin temperature and not damage you too much. But if it gets soaked into fabric or is otherwise held against your skin you will have a very bad time.

wow that was an amazing response! lol I’m going to think of some more good ideas\questions i come up with. but yea after covid dies down or i get a space with HEPA HVAC system? but i will research more on coursera and hackerspace. i want to, more or less, experiment with new or old hardware where it can inspire others. i have a you tube video if that would be any reference to my idea lol? “TylerTyler Hill” on YouTube 9 subscribers

oh nice, my age also

I thought you meant something like scientific stuff with chemicals and shit

first you need to know what you wanna learn and then you go and do it

if you want you can create a theoretical base and go to town with things, breaking shit and all

or you can just go crazy and fuck shit up

get a cheap server and learn to manage BSD on it

or else you can go deep into python and get into machine learning or bio stuff

you just gotta go, man, go and do stuff, break shit and fix it

I’ve been learning IT stuff for the last 2 years and when I learn the most is when things go wrong

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opening a place like this you might be able to get gov grants etc to help fund it

I’m sure Knoxville already has a few. They probably didn’t manage to stay open through the last months hassles though.

Do they make that much money generally, I figured most have to be donation/ grant ran to begin with.

The ones I know of don’t make any money, they’re non-profit. Although from what I have heard that doesn’t imply that don’t have a savings / reserve fund.

In those, “profits” go into buying new toys.


The old amazon model we dont make any money we cant possibly pay any taxes

Unlike Amazon a lot of the makerspace / hackerspace things get tax-free status because they’re a benefit to the community kind of thing. I forget which non-profit tax-free clause that is, but they fit into it generally.