I have a simple query to ask

How many caches do I need on my hard drive?

Usage Scenario Usage Scenario Recommended Cache
Everyday Tasks Routine activities like web browsing, document editing, and light office work.
Multitasking and Moderate Workloads Engaging in multitasking or handling moderately sized files.
Gaming It is for gaming enthusiasts running graphics-intensive applications and large game files.
Video Editing and Content Creation Tasks involving video editing, content creation, or working with substantial multimedia files.
Professional Workstations For professionals dealing with resource-intensive applications, 3D rendering, or handling large datasets.

I would argue sustained performance is more important than being good with bursts.

Just get a 1TB SSD and be done with it, they are cheap enough by now. Even 4TB NVMe drives are only like $200-$250, which is really not that expensive either.

If you need more than that, buy a NAS, either preconfigured or DIY. At $100 per 8TB drive it is basically a no-brainer and a 10 GbE interface would be faster than internal SATA anyhow. It is an investment but the Quality of life improvement, even if you only have one PC in the household, is quite big.

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