I have a Question about Wendell

What does he look like!?


I need to know or I'll come to your house and eat your ethernet cables.

Look at this inbox.exe video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA2kEoXpI3s&list=SPC9D0F895C6B23876&index=31

Here's an image so other people can see what he looks like.

Also Nice R2D2.

He knows sooooo much, he's like the oracle.

what do you mean "like"? .-.

In basic form "Do you have a picture of him?"

Why dont you make a few videos with Wendell in front of the camera? And I wanna see more of Pistol! She's awesome!

cyber stalking in action... :D

I'm so disappointed, I was hoping for a sort of man machine hybrid with a Darth Vader alike mask over the mouth.