I h4t3s teh eronge bocks fyuk Sta33m!

stoipid eronge bocks sux dik!!!!!!!!

i instal it adn dindt work.!!. I put seedee in conputer and dindt load.! fukyn stuypid!!!!

I pl4ace seedee wit pectur upzyd dwn 4 conpter to s3aerch on teh entiernet explireor to dlwnd game 4 me adn inztal! nutin happenend! I wnts my 40 doowllers bak!!!


WoW iz betarr!!!!

0/10 subtle troll

Boy that was epic for a first post.

Epic FAIL that is.

what on earth did he say?


Translator cannot compute. I'll get my pro ass virgin friend to decode it for us.

Stupid Orange Box sucks dick!!!!!!!!

I installed it and it didn't work!!I put the CD in the computer and it didn't load! Fucking stupid!!!!

I placed the CD with the picture upside down for the computer to search with internet explorer to download the game for me and install! Nothing happened! I want my 40$ back!!!

pirji;srlj!!!! (I almost think he said Dick; I suck!!!! in arabian)

WoW I'm gay!!!!

they see me troooolliiiin

the onnliiiine

get the fags IP, and if wat he says its true, he can fukin put the CD key on steam and all he has to do is download the games when they pop-up in the game list...wow

got this kids credit card info and shit

checkin all the shit in his comp



woah lol, r u seriuos?

lmfao are you stupid?

no offense but no i couldnt

and second just watch the vid ull understand whati meant

wow... i hope someone just made this account and posted this as a joke or something...

It's people him that just makes me wanna walk up to a big greyhound chain-tired to a pole and kick it in the balls. Why can't people be even A LITTLE literate? You have a keyboard, it's 5x easier to type than write. So do us a freaking favor. Stop being lazy and move your fingers. Press that freaking "." button, press shift. God. Back on topic. Maybe your computer just sucks or you have a full hard drive.



blooddrunk1029, my bad lol, u sounded serious and Nice pic lol

oya, well..