I guess I'm looking for a decent MMO

This paragraph is a long story that is just explaining some stuff, if you don't want to read a wall of text feel free to skip it.

Back in 2006 I started playing an MMO, and played it rather constantly until summer of 2011, falsely banned after five years of playing made me realize how awful the company was, I had always known, but that was the last straw... YEARS of work just gone and their reply being more or less "well, we can't tell you why we banned you because you can't prove you DIDN'T cheat"... At that point I was well into playing Minecraft, and had been since early Alpha, so I just moved on. The thing is, Minecraft got old to me within a few years and I ended up with no game that I can just play whenever. I got into a bunch of other games, but they were all story based so as soon as I finished the game, that was it. One of the people I used to play Minecraft with suggested I get GMod, it's fun and all, but I can't really get into an FPS like that. There was ONE FPS I got really into, Wolfenstien E.T., man that game was fun. No one plays it anymore though.


Life story aside, I just want a game that I can play without having an end, or at least not like "well, the story is over, do whatever you want now" because that gets old really quick.

I guess I just want a new MMO to play... I don't even really know. I like games with stories, but they aren't really something you can just play, I mean sure you can, but it's not the same. I don't even know if I'm going to post this, but hey, you are reading it so I did. 

Are you willing to pay?

best MMO out in my opinion is anywhere in the Entropia Universe. You can find me on the original planet, Planet Calypso :). If you like being able to do what YOU want in a world with LOTS of things to do then this will be something you might like. Game has a crazy twist. Every $10 you make ingame is worth $1 in real cash.

Game has been out for 10 years, has a good community, and I am almost 40 years old, played damn near every MMO out (at least a little) and trust me, Entropia Universe really is about the best mmo out period.

Who made this MMO? So we can avoid them in the future, I have a feeling I know who it is, but I'm curious. PM me if you're more comfortable telling me that way.


I'm fine with paying for the game itself, but not a monthly thing.


 Entropia Universe looks kinda neat, I've never played a Sci-Fi MMO before.

Oh, I just thought I should mention I don't really care for PvP, as long as it isn't a really necessary thing in the game it's fine. I've tried a few MMOs that it's practically required.

I don't mind saying, I just know that the MMO is basically looked down upon by most people that know it. That's fine though, they have a perfectly good reason.

Anyway, the company is Nexon, the game MapleStory. They have probably THE worst customer service you will come across, they make EA look like ... I can't think of a company that is really known for being really amazing at everything, but yeeaahh....

I see, well I have high hopes for ESO, I love Bethesda, but they certainly aren't without fault.

Certainly not without fault, they are kind of ... too quick to release games. I love their fallout series, but man are they ever buggy for coming from a big company like Bethesda.

Have you tried Guild Wars 2?

I'm not usually a fan of MMOs as I tend to play solo and there are only so many times you can collect ten bear anuses before that kind of quest gets tedious but the story in GW2 really kept me interested along with all the world events.
I did only get to the second area and only to the mid 20s in level so I don't know how it gets later on.