I got gentoo installed, but I can't seem to run Gnome

So I just installed gentoo, and I can't seem to get Gnome running. I used the Gnome tarball for stage3, but when I restarted after installing I was greeted by a terminal, and it says there is no command startx.

Have you followed the Xorg guide and GNOME Guide?

I didn't know there where separate guides for them.

Xorg is a dependency of GNOME. You'll need to install and configure Xorg before GNOME.

Alright I am reading the Xorg guide now. Thx for your help, I assumed that gnome and Xorg would be installed when you use the gnome tarball in stage3.

I think Gnome has some special requirements from the init system, needs systemd, if I remember correctly, so that's why the separate tarball.

Gentoo is a very do it yourself distro, but between gentoo wiki and the arch wiki, you've got all the resources you need to get the job done.

There where to two tarball options for Gnome one with systemd and one without. I chose the one without.

hmm maybe that's a past requirement. I haven't touched gentoo since gnome3 was new.

Alright I have a new problem. The Xorg guide is telling me I need to do this:> Device Drivers --->

Graphics support --->
Frame Buffer Devices --->
<*> Support for frame buffer devices --->
## (Disable all drivers, including VGA, Intel, nVidia, and ATI, except EFI-based Framebuffer Support, only if you are using UEFI)

## (Further down, enable basic console support. KMS uses this.)
Console display driver support --->
  <*>  Framebuffer Console Support

but I can't find those options. Here is a screen shot of what I see:

So you enabled support for frame buffer devices before you entered it's sub menu right? If not, do so. If there are no device drivers there, it's fine.

Don't be afraid to compile the kernel multiple times to get it the way you want.

You don't always have to "make clean" and "make mrproper" before compiling. In fact, if you're only changing a few things it's probably in your best interest to not clean it in between to reduce compile times significantly.

How do I enable the frame buffer?