I got a question about live stream translation

So I love to watch vtubers especially japanese but i barely can understand japanese. So i was just fooling around today with google translate on my phone setting it to japanese to english and tapping the microphone to see how bad the translation was but to my surprise it was excellent like 70-90% in context of what they were saying.

So i scoured the net for any extension, app whatever that can actively listen to my audio output device for japanese and translate it to english text. But alas there is none.

So i wonder if anyone here would dare try merging the google translation on android to chrome on windows make the app, when enabled, actively translate to text the preferred languages?


Are you asking for someone to do this for you? That would make an interesting Dev-ember project.

But Google translate is pretty bad for Japanese translation since Japanese is a contextual language. Depending on how much of the full idea is represented in the text, Google Translate (and most other engines for that matter) can give you the wrong thing.

Source: I speak some basic conversational Japanese and have used Google Translate and Babelfish to help with some complex sentence translations.

I can tell you a lot of people would kill to have a live translation of japanese to english on youtbe or any streaming service because there are a lot of overseas fans relying on chat to translate.

As for translation accuracy, a lot of vtubers dont use vague sentences when talking to their audiences as far as i can see so google translate or any other translate api so be more or less good enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a Google Pixel and it can do live transcription for video and audio auto-magically if you want it to. Otherwise, it is something that you toggle on and off. When I use it for some translations, it is particularly lacking for Korean and Japanese. It is pretty spot on for French and Quebecois.

Gotta love android support for Pixel lol.

Yeah, I used to be an HTC person but since Google bought the Phone division of HTC, the quality and releases of HTC have been horrible at best. Since the best parts of HTC are now at Google, when my m10 prematurely bit the dust and would no longer power on even with new batter and/or external power, I bout a Pixel 3a as a stop gap. It was a cheap phone but it runs circles around the arguable more powerful M10.

If you get an Android phone, Pixel is the closest that you get to the HTC phones with features and light skin over vanilla Android. Also the support and security update cadence is bar none. This is the only phone where it gets faster with subsequent updates.

What are the apps and settings you used to get that live translation for streams on your Pixel?

It comes baked into the Pixel Android release. You turn on live transcription (you can quick access it by pressing the volume rocker and hitting the live transcription icon).

Other than that, I use GoogleTranslate Application.

Definitely dont have that on my P20 Pro.