I found Kingston DDR4-3200 Unbuffered ECC (KSM32ED8/16ME) DIMMs for $95

I’ve been looking for unbuffered ECC memory for my next virtualization/ZFS build.

There’s plenty of registered ECC DDR4, but unbuffered ECC DDR4 seems to be very hard to find.

Registered memory won’t work with Ryzen, Xeon E3-series, or Pentium/Celeron/Core CPUs. You can always go Epyc or Xeon E5-series, but both the CPUs and the motherboards are a lot more expensive unless you go for older hardware, which tends to be more power hungry and has worse single-core performance.

If you want a machine that has ECC, isn’t crazy expensive, and is also good for single-core performance (e.g. games), you really want a non-APU Ryzen 3000-series CPU and unbuffered ECC DIMMs.

Unfortunately, almost all ECC unbuffered DIMMs are 2666MHz or slower. That’s not great for performance on Ryzen 3000, where faster memory helps quite a bit.

You can overclock ECC memory. In theory the ECC should at least let you detect bit errors caused by timings that are too tight. However on a machine where reliability is critical I personally don’t want to poke the overclocking bear.

Micron has some 3200MHz modules (MTA18ADF2G72AZ-3G2E1) but they are crazy expensive - over $200 in most places for a 16GB DIMM.

Recently I discovered that Kingston now has a 16GB 3200MHz ECC module:

Provantage has those modules in stock right now for $95.

I was able to order two, and they shipped directly from Kingston in California.


Thanks for info, it appears that there are 2 SKUs and both appear to be available at EU retailers:

The Spec sheets state it’s Micron E-Die:

@wendell Your wish for 3200 Mhz ECC UDIMMs has been granted

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Just in time for me to want 3600 instead. Lol

I wish I were wealthy enough to just pay gskill exorbitant sums to make me some fast ecc memory lol

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