I don't eat fish. Where to start?

Hey …
I haven’t eat fish in almost a decade now. But I’d like to start. I just don’t know what fish is a good choice.
I have 2 main issues that kept me away from seafood in general.

  1. It smells bad
  2. Some fish have a lot if tiny bones in the meat itself.
    I have tried mackerel and similarly cheap fish in the past and I don’t want to anymore. Salmon is the obvious solution but fuck me that’s expensive.

So is there a fish that doesn’t smell like crap (calamari literally makes me feel bad with smell alone) and have no tiny little bones all over the meat?


If you don’t like fish, you don’t like fish?


I don’t like seafood in general…
The calamari are the worst offender, shrimp aren’t much better either…
But I remember enjoying steamed salmon and I’d like to find some fish I can come into an understanding with…

well if you plan on doing it yourself, everything is going to have bones in, so.

Haddock is basically the single fish used in all the chip shops in Britain, so that’s what I know.

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I’m fine with the rib cage. I don’t want the tiny bones in the meat…

I’d start with fishsticks. Everyone’s favorite!

That being said, fish smelling bad usually means it wasn’t cooled properly or if prepared, not prepared properly.

Also, you can just buy fish with the bone removed.


Salmon is my favourite. In my opinion it doesn’t smell that bad, and I believe fishbones should be easy to remove with proper tweezers. I don’t know how, but my dad is able to prepare salmon that is almost always boneless. And like Vordreller said, you can buy fish with fishbones removed.

Salmon also does not need any fancy spices, salt and pepper will be more than enough. Simplest way is to fry it on a pan. :slight_smile:


If not salmon (my default go to non-fishy fish) you can perhaps try trout. Tuna, grouper, and halibut are some of my personal favorites.

I am surprised you are having trouble with bones. I can’t remember the last time buying a fillet and having to fish out any bones. The issue you were experiencing might simply be in the preparation, as some dishes use the entire fish or chunks and you have to sort out the bones while you eat. I would stick to fillets as you are trying to find your understanding.

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I do some fishing in my spare time, mostly salmon and charr.
Charr can just as good as a salmon in my opion, Haddock and Cod are the most popular where I live (Iceland) but we do our fair amount of sea fishing so it might not be as available in your location


I dont mind cooked fish or even calamari rings as I believe it is meat.

I can’t even stomach the thought of slurping down an oyster or muscle but. Even prawns gross me out. I dont know why or how it happened. Logic dictates a lot of people eats them and are fine.


do you have a way to get honey smoked salmon? thought about trying fishsticks?


There the hotdog of seafood but wright, I do eat them but.

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Still my favorite fish is flake in Australia. Its from a local shark. So maybe shark is a good choice. It has a very neutral flavor here.

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Seconded, this is the most friendly fish to non-seafood eaters.

Also my personal favourite.

Here’s one of the dishes I make with it.

Chop carrots, potato and onion.
Get a baking tray and oil the bottom.
Drop the veggies and hit it with some salt and pepper.
Spice the fish to your liking and drop it on top.
Add some oil/margarine over everything.
Bake for 25 mins at 200C.


I guess we are lucky in the UK, because fish fillets we buy in the supermarket have already been de-boned in a factory.

My boss is partial to swordfish steaks, but they might be on the pricier end.

I also hate small bones in fish, so have only really had like tinned tuna or pre sliced salmon, and even then, not often

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That is actually widely available option that is cheaper than salmon…

I’m worried now… You also recommend me Nokia… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t like a lot of seafood either. No squid, no ocotdad, no shellfish, and prawns and shrimp are insects in the ocean so that is a definite no for me.

Though, white fish, Plaice, Cod, haddock and the like are very nice. I would happily suggest those. All can be had without bones.


Checked a package I have lying around(this in Belgium, granted), ingredients say 65% Alaskan trout.


I dont like cold fish or smoked fish, and I dont really like fishy tasting sea food things

But I really really love butter fry pan fishes like salmon or flounder with just lemon pepper mix

Then about bones, all fishes I know have the bones over thicker side of that center split, so the belly side is that part you gather first and let others struggle those bones :smiling_imp:


So much yes. Makes it very tasty.

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