I did done some upgrading. Lots of low quality pics inside. yay

All you need now is a graphics card coaster for that Jupiler.

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yes indeed i do. My friend adopted my msi r9 270 2gb gpu now to replace his HD5830 1gb, so i'm all out of spare gpu's ..unless i tell him i found a use for his old gpu....
Maybe do an beer-cooled build ? ...WITH A BEER TAP...

Also, he's got this old antec p183 with this BEHEMOTH of a top exhaust fan in it.. It covered not just the whole mesh.. but the whole width of the case. Looked it u^, something like 200/205mm. He bought it pre-built from a pc shop.

Today i installed a couple of noctua 3pin y splitter cables to power the extra two 140 pure wings i got. Can see a change in temps so that's nice. And it's still 'positive' as i now have 1 120 fan exhaust at the back, 1 140mm exhaust at the top and 2 140mm intakes at the front.
Cam is also working again now, uninstalled and reinstalled a newer version. Let's see how long before it stops working again. Ha.

sorry for the blurry pictures. LED profile is purple with red but more pink-ish at the moment.

1 out at the rear, one out at the top

2 front fans

i love noctua's packaging and logo...Just for a couple of splitter cables...



Although I fear the carbonation would make the pump throw a fit.

Lol. Using an MSI krait 970 board... to run an AMD space heater...


looks awesome op, love uv lights

"Warning: This MB doesn’t support 200W or above CPU." xD ohnoes... what a disaster for him.

no UV

...though it does give me ideas..


oh so it's just white leds with a bad white balance in the picture?

it's parpll and red leds but yes... bad phone pictures

extra leds from your grow room?? jk

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don't 'blow' mah cover duud

That means little to no overclocking on a 8320/8350/8370 :(