I did done some upgrading. Lots of low quality pics inside. yay

Decided i REALLY wanted a windowed chassis. I admit, that was the initial reason to get some parts.
Later on though, i'll be upgrading the gpu and cpu, hence i added an 850w Seasonic m12 evo.
The krait 970 motherboard is defo not an upgrade to my asus m5a 970 r2.0 ....but...black pcb, mang.

Added kingston hyper x fury 16gb @1866mhz ram instead of the crucial ballistix 8gb at 1600.

fx9350 is on the way.
as for gpu upgrade...i'm waiting it out ............

oh and by the way, those corsair white led sp fans are not going in this, the hum too much above 40% use.
The case came with one 140 silentwings (or pure wings, dunno) and a 120 at the back. keeping it that way, but might at additional 140 to the front as intake and 120 or another 140 at the top as extra exhaust... i guess i like having four fans, 2 as intake, 2 as exhaust. probably will go for another set of silent wings or purewings i think.

old specs :
Antec p100
amd fx6300 (oc'd to 3.9)
bequiet pure rock cpu cooler
asus m5a 970 r2.0
crucial ballistix 8gb @1600
msi r9 270 2gb
bequiet pure power 530w

current specs:
Bequiet silent base 600
amd fx6300 (at 3.9Ghz)
bequiet pure rock cpu cooler
msi 970 krait edition
kingston hyperx fury 16gb @1866
msi r9 270 2gb
seasonic m12 evo 850w

...nzxt hue+ ....fun. though the cam software was being a bitch initially. swapped the shitty micro usb cable to a regular micro usb to usb2 cable and routed it to the back through the pci bracket....a bit ghetto...i know...but atleast it's being less of a bitch now.

storage is the same; crucial bx 120gb ssd, ocz trion 240gb ssd, western digital cav blue 1tb hdd, and an asus optical drive...yes...cannae part with opticals just yet.

cable management is sloppy, i got lazy after running into some issues thinking the mobo or psu were bad, but it was a cpu connection issue on the krait's socket. all fixed now. and then that software being antisocial with the hue+...
Other than that, once it booted, the hardest work was over, windows still as OS, just had to give in a new activation key (oem version on the perv build, but i had another activation key on hand... ;) )

anyway, need to mess around a bit more with the cam software, it's laggy, sometime sit works, sometimes it doesn't apply changes... ehh.
get the cables a bit more tidy, i guess when the 8350 arrives.

here's some really bad pictures i took with my phone...


Nice lighting. I like purple. At least it looks like it's purple from where I'm standing.

Cable management could be a lot better.

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I agree. I got lazy. Admitted it was more easy in the antec p100 than the silent base 600.
But yes, it need tidying up, a lot of tidying up. the back is almost more tidy than the bunch of cables next to the psu on the front...

Update 1 : installed an AMD fx8350, made cables more tidy, fixed that bitch of a hue+/cam software issues.


480 arrived.


Cool project.
Wasnt it possible to rotate the bequiet cooler to exhaust to the rear instead of top?

Sometimes this gives better performance because heat rises and all that. But since that's not always the case, I'd run some tests with both scenarios. Or I'd just get a liquid cooler. This build would look so much better even with just a 120mm liquid cooler. I'm talking about at least 10 extra "cool build bro" points.

If you ask me the difference will be so negligible just do what's aesthetically pleasing, which I assume is why it's oriented that way

Think your backplate is really sexy. It really turns me on......... :)

a geek twist to this. Just in case someone doesn't get the reference

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on am3, sadly, no. the dark rock and all come with these brackets so you can mount either vertical or horizontal. The pure rock however comes with just a metal bar that you can't adjust to fit so only vertical flow is possible. On an intel socket you could reverse this cooler, but as far as i know, having done some tinkering and searching online it seems on am3 it's not possible. Perhaps there's a way and i just never figured.

btw, all the builds on pc partpicker using an am3 socket mobo with this pure rock cooler have it oriented with vertical airflow. So ehh..must be that it's just the only way to mount it.

i am considering that, indeed. like a 120 at the top ? more than a 120 i could only install on the front as the top only has minor venting ...not enough for a full blown radiator. Silent base 600 is less opmtimal for radiator installation than the 800 or pro is.

Also, hue+, well CAM, decided to be a bitch again and not apply my rgb settings on the leds so...white. One of these days it will stop being a bitch and just work again, this is like the 10th time or so it stops working for a few days then all of a sudden it works again. Went through all sorts of fixes, they all work and then stop, so fairly sure it's a software thing and not a connection issue. Ah...CAM.

Or at the back. I'd leave the top for exhaust.

Ah i didnt knew that the pure rock only came with a metal bar.
That realy looks like a very strange mounting meganism to me...
Never seen it :)

I like how it lets you decide how much to torque down the cooler to the cpu

What are your VRM temps on that board with that processor? I was under the impression that this board in particular had problems handling the high power draw FX 8 core's without thermal 'issues'

480 looks sweet. Always had a soft spot for Sapphire

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i did notice around 5°c difference between the 6300 and 8350 on this board yes, but nothing too abnormal.
Shit thing about this board that i bumped into was there's only 2 sys fan ports...and i like 2 in and 2 out fans...but that can be easily fixed witrh some splitter cables. and it keeps you from connecting to all ports on the board and creating a cable mess on the front...As these pure wings are only 3 pin it's not a downer just connecting them with a 3 pin y splitter.

It's a budget 970 chipset board, but i got it for its low price and color config, it's minimal, not too fancy. I dig those fx boards with rgb lighting and bigass cooling blocks for sure but...not looking to spend 200/300 on a mobo. So this krait 970 with am3 is fine for now. Actually, i almost miss the lack of backplate on the r9 270 msi card... i like seeing pcb's and vrm's. :)

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also, i love this keyboard. and...yes, i did clean up my desktop icons mess.