I defraged my hdd with less than 10% and now win7 won't start

I havn't defragged my comp in a month and there was alot of files auslogics was picking up, so I went ahead and defraged it. I have a 1TB western digital with only 60GB to spare but I went ahead and defragged it since it was a while. Now windows gets stuck in the icon loading thing or it goes to desktop but all my shortcuts are gone and when I mouse-over the tool bar it has the loading icon. I didn't make a restore point prior to this sadly. Can get into safe mode as well.

In safe mode with networking you could try defraggler (free defrag tool)

in safe mode, disable your swap file, disable any hybernation file. This should clear more space temporarily. reboot back into safe mode, attempt the defrag.

alright gonna try it now. I also uninstalled some games from steam as well so 22% of my drive is free

If anyone can still help it would be greatly appreciated:D. Defragging didn't help.