I cant seem to decide on my case

I can't decide between the FD define 5 at $159 (here in Australia) or this one http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_1287&products_id=24120 being $99 and has hot-swap bays.

I do like the idea of quiet computing so the define would be good, but I could also just fan control the other one and put noise padding on the panels.

I am typing this on a phone so please disregard any mistakes.

Define R5. There is a 3 speed fan controller on the R5.

That one you linked looks rather cheap.

What about the Enthoo Pro?

The enthoo pro is good but the bays aren't hot-swap.

I might go with the define R5. And conseridering I can't really find any information on the cheap one except an overview from newegg I might skip it.

Sacrifices must be made for the things I want :)

I'll probably go with my mass storage in a nas or something.

What do you need "now" from the case and what do you want "later" ? Might help clarify

I tend to be be a minimalist when it comes to cases - not that they should be small, but that they should fit my components, have plenty of air flow, and allow me to upgrade.

That is a rather good question as in I need neither right now.

I would prefer quietness over anything but the hot-swap bays will come in handy when that one friends computer dies and you are tasked with the backing up of their data because they forgot to do it themselves. Also since Hard Drives are dropping in price I will be able to easily expand my storage without too much hassle.

I will probably go with the fractal though.

The hot-swap bays would be pretty sweet, but that FD case looks like it would be great.

On the upside of the compromise, wouldn't building a nas be a great project ???

The correct answer is always the HAF XB
Dunno the price over there though.

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i have 2 of those! bastards are the best cases I ever had.

I just wish they'd make a microATX version.

@grayflag Yes, A nas would be great :)

@Streetguru I have considered the HAF XB but it was a while ago and a tower case would fit nicer where I want to put the computer.

Well if you're at all serious about that NAS you could go HAF stacker then, the 915r can fit 6 hard drives and would slip right on top of your main rig.

If I was to go with a NAS I would go with a SilverStone DS380. 8 hot-swap bays. I would also go with one of those awesome Atom powered server boards they reviewed a while ago.

If you wanted more of a dedicated NAS case that would be the way to go, I really hope coolermaster puts out a dedicated NAS unit for the stacker series sometime.