I cant get my blu ray drive to play blu rays

Hello Tek Syndicate team,

I can not get my blu ray drive (Lg UH12NS29 Blu ray drive) to play blu rays using any free media software. Right now I am using Vlc version 2.1.0 and it will see the name of the movie, but it will not play the movie and I cannot seem to get the third party blu ray aacs codex to work.I know my blu ray player works because it will play dvds and will rip blu ray content. Is their any free media player with aacs decoding or anyway to get vlc to work? MY os is Windows 7 64 bit but I also have the same problem with Linux mint 15.

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probably wont help....you tried installing the drivers to see if it makes a diff? http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-UH12NS29

Yes I did it does not help. I think it has to do with the anti piracy encoding on blu rays. But why does it stop me playing my blu rays but not rip them to .mov files that I can then playback on vlc?

might have to pay to play.

Could it be that my oem drive did not come with the right software? So now I have to pay again to play my blu rays that I own on my blu ray player that I also paid for?

i know it's fucked up that's when i think it's totally reasonable that i should be able to download those warez for free but that's fucked up too caues it's not their fault. you should give customer service a call and ask them what the fuck is up with that shit.

OEM blu ray drives do not come with the software. Unfortunately you have to pay to play them. Windows does not have the codecs either, probably cause microsoft doesn't want to pay for the license.

I was aware that oem drives do not come with software, bit vlc claims to be able to play blurays. I also thought that as suggested earlier the drivers would have a fix. I try to do the right thing and I get screwed, typical. 

All blu rays i have seen while reading them as data disks have an aacs folder. I might go down to a yard sale or creigs list this weekend to find a cheap blu ray that I do not want for my collection and try deleting that folder and see if that works

And its not something that CCCP or k-lite can fix? if it doesn't... now i know to put the OEM blu-ray drive I was going to get back...

Im downloading it now. Ill let you know.

nope neither worked thanks for your input.

You got the right version of VLC, i swear i read somewhere they had a version/patch that would allow blu rays to play


try that

Check out sharky 007 codexs and see if they have what you need .