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I can't decide!


So I have a matx pc I built years ago. The hard drive just died on it making me question if i should invest another $80 or so for the ssd to make it operational again or should i just make a new one? I should also mention this is a spare rig I take to friends houses for gaming and such.
CPU: Athlon x4 860k (mobo wont allow kaveri cpus to OC)
Mobo: MSI a88xm-e35
Ram: 2x4 gb ddr3 1600mhz
GPU: hd7850 2gb

With the black friday deals im kinda itching for a chipset upgrade to ryzen. The performance and being able to upgrade in the future would be nice but so would saving hundreds of dollars. I could also part out the current pc. Let me know what you guys think.


Why don’t you get a small boot drive SSD and cheap as spinning rust for your games? 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD will be about the same price as 500GB SSD and here you have the boot speed and responsiveness of the fast drive and the size for everything…


New 2200g rig


I may have forgot to mention this case was modded and I can only use a single 2.5" drive at most.


In that case he needs to hold on to his 7850… It’s kinda three times faster than the 2200G gpu…

Oh… Then you don’t really have much of a choice…


It’s a matx case if you got a open pcie slot drop in a SSD there cheap sata m.2 for boot and 1tb 2.5?


I know you don’t want me talking to you, but…

Doesn’t have any m.2 slots…


My older mobo doesnt support pcie booting so pcie ssds would be storage only if they even work.


Depends on the games you play. And what you’re willing to spend. This could escalate quickly from “$80 for a 500GB SSD” to "“rebuild the whole thing for $800+”.

Overall I strongly recommend SSD-only for a portable machine. HDDs should stay stationary imo.


Pcie was stated you get a pcie card for m.2 sata drive


Did it before on my old 6800k* Apu with a msata pcie card way back was ASRock board :man_shrugging:


True but if i keep the gpu for a while the rest of the pc could be decent for around $400 but is the upgrade worth it more then the repair? :stuck_out_tongue:


$800 were just a guess without taking Black Friday deals into account.
Sticking with the GPU for a while might be a good idea to lessen the impact on your wallet.


I’d estimate maybe 1-2yrs left of usefulness in my lan rig.


You honestly won’t notice that much of an impact on the gaming performance. 860K is nice pair for 7850 and they are doing fine. Once you pair a massively more powerful CPU with that 7850, the GPU will work at its full limits, which it already mostly does. So you won’t really notice much of an improvement.
The option to just add a better GPU down the line and have massively better gaming PC is the benefit here. Adding better GPU to 860K will choke the CPU. So upgrading the CPU will lay the foundation for a better gaming PC, not really boost your performance today.

Well, 7850K is still decent 1080p performer. In 2 years I doubt there will be huge jumps in performance to the point the GPU will become unusable…


The CPU is the main issue with the setup. The gpu I plan to keep for a while atleast until i upgrade that aswell.


I just can’t decide if the future proof is worth it. Another thing to think about is if i do sell it. The longer I wait to sell the guts the less they will likely be worth.


Get a new PC, the moment is at hand.


You are exactly at the point I was last year.
Then I bought CPU, boars and ram, and last month I got my new used GPU…
My last system lasted me 4 years. This one I hope will last me more…

Absolutely true. I can’t sell my last PC for the price of the motherboard at the time… So yeah, the price constantly goes down.


Thank you guys I think I’m gonna go for a new pc XD.