I am unable to locate the PWM fans on my AORUS X570 Elite motherboard with Ubuntu

I have, over the Xmas break, rebuilt my PC with a new Aorus X570 Elite motherboard, bequiet PWM fans and a Ryzen 5800x.

When I launch sensors, it will advise temperature sensors for the motherboard but it will not show the fans.

[email protected]:~$ sensors
Adapter: PCI adapter
Tctl: +29.4°C
Tdie: +29.4°C
Tccd1: +26.8°C

Adapter: ACPI interface
temp1: +16.8°C (crit = +20.8°C)
temp2: +16.8°C (crit = +20.8°C)

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1: +25.0°C
temp2: +27.0°C
temp3: +29.0°C
temp4: +30.0°C
temp5: +30.0°C
temp6: +43.0°C

Adapter: PCI adapter
Composite: +34.9°C (low = -0.1°C, high = +69.8°C)
(crit = +84.8°C)

[email protected]:~$

If I try pwmconfig I am advised no modules are loaded.
I have been around various sites to learn what I should do but I am stuck.
Can anyone advise my next steps?

pwmconfig version 3.6.0

This program will search your sensors for pulse width modulation (pwm)
controls, and test each one to see if it controls a fan on
your motherboard. Note that many motherboards do not have pwm
circuitry installed, even if your sensor chip supports pwm.

We will attempt to briefly stop each fan using the pwm controls.
The program will attempt to restore each fan to full speed
after testing. However, it is ** very important ** that you
physically verify that the fans have been to full speed
after the program has completed.

/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed

No modules loaded is usually referring to kernel modules, isn’t it?

What kernel modules does pwmconfig use?

You likely need the fork of it87 after the original creator abandoned it:

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