I am thinkng about going to an IPhone 6s

I am thinking about moving to an IPhone 6S from a Nexus 6. Can anyone think of reasons why I should move to an IPhone 6S. I really would like your input. FYI: I do use a chrome book as a daily driver, and I don't own an apple desktop nor laptop.

Aren't they owned by SkyNet?


personally i keep using iphones just because my family does. imessage is convenient for messaging. facetime is nice for video chats. ive considered jumping to android but after looking into it, it wouldnt be worth it to me


Well if you have a chromebook as a daily driver, good luck connecting that iPhone to it. If you want to sync it or transfer music, think again. You can customize your nexus 6 as much as you want, but your kind of stuck using the iPhone how apple wants you to use it. The battery life on your Nexus is about to get better, as its to be getting Android 6.0 in the next weeks time. The battery on the iPhone 6s was actually downsized from the 6, although software optimizations might mitigate this difference. To give the iPhone some credit, it is good in almost every thing it does. But you have to do it the way Apple wants you to do it, and you don't have the choice to do it your way. Frankly the iPhone hardware is premium and the software is polished, but the Nexus 6 is a very well built phone with software that you can customize to suit you best. Plus if you already have the Nexus 6, I would argue dropping $700 on a new iPhone would be kind of a waste. If you already have the Nexus 6 and its not doing anything wrong, well its not worth switching away from it. Your not going to be any more efficient on the iPhone, and you might even lose some of the ease of use things you can setup on android. Frankly the only thing you'd be gaining is a fashion statement.

I had an Iphone 4 and 6S is nothing compared to it but I made the choice to go with a HTC m8 on Android and I think the apps are better. You'll have more liberty on your application choices just because Android don't have to approve all the apps coming in their Google store. The best comparison is as simple as a Mac and Windows. From now on I'll go Android all the way. Their technology is better and let's not forget the price either. You could have a much better phone than Iphone 6 and pay less.

EDIT: Also, on most of Android phones you can add a SD card and change the battery if needs be. Iphone you can't.

+1. FaceTime is invaluable for when my step father goes to the hospital.

If you have a Nexus 6, I really don't see any reason to upgrade. The only plus would be more tied in ecosystem. I have an iPad, yeah it's great, but it has it's faults; I lack the community of Android, it's simplicity, and tie into Google. I miss CyanogenMod :(

Man if only you could bootcamp android on ios... Someone needs to make a Jailbreak will that integrated.

Impossible; the firmware is locked to a point beyond belief and iOS is now rootless...

iMessage is great

I guess I was thinking about getting it out of boredom. Plus, i do have jump with t-mobile.

This is a pretty good reason not to switch, if it is as true as the speaker says it is.


Pretty all hardware is really good. Hardware form factor can be up to the user, and based on your old phone you might want something bigger, or more portable...

App store or software should be your biggest concern. If you already have a wad of money into one app store, I would maybe stick with that, unless you have a big reason to move. Most OS can sync either Google (in your case) or any of the other big or custom vendors.

I don't see why you shouldn't. if you like the phone by all means get it.

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Beat me to it...

nothing is impossible... except for impossibilities.

Apple wants market control. They don't want some half hearted entrepreneur killing there a common denominator, with outsourced parts from the lowest bidder. This guy could literally play by the rules by getting Apple Certified. Then he couldn't post videos like this though.

I was going to remark how Apple is good, and shaping globalization for the better... Honestly I have no idea what their production line is doing good or bad. I do know though, business principles can be strengthened by controlling your product line. You don't want to be diverted or have to defend someone else hacking upon your intellectual property unless you choose to do business in that way. So angry guy, buy some Apple stock.

I totally understand this point of view. I guess I'm just the type that would rather buy a replacement part and do it myself instead of paying an excessive amount to have someone else do it for me.

I don't appreciate that something as simple as an OS update would destroy my phone for no reason, even if I did the hardware replacement myself. It's a pretty stupid, draconian policy to just automatically turn off any piece of hardware that they decide is not worthy of their glorious new OS, especially with no notification.

itunes + chromebook = not going to work
If you had a windows or mac laptop and you liked the apple ecosystem and could afford the 6s then yeah maybe. Be aware of the current issues with it though.
If it were me I'd just keep the nexus 6 and try out some different roms.