I am looking for sub 100 pound Headphones or Headsets

Hello. So i've had my Audio Technica M20x headphones for about 2 and a half ish years and i must say i cant complain. But they are getting old and there are some problems here and there and i bought them when i was on a tight budget. But right now i have about 100 pounds in my pockets and i want to buy new ones. And that is why am asking you the community what are the best headphones or headsets in your opinion that are sub 100 pounds. Please use amazon links or just list them of. I am aware that tek syndicate has a video on this but am looking for alot more suggestions and i am hoping the community can provide.

Also i apologise for any grammatical mistakes as English is not my primary language.

Thank you.

I have a nice pair of Shure SRH750DJs ($150 or 100 pounds) which have an extra bit of bass and treble which I like a lot.
However, I've heard great things about the headphones listed above, and this pair that I almost got when I went ot buy my headphones.

Get the Sony MDR7506. They say "Professional" right on there and it's under 100.