I am at a loss. any help much appreciated

So like i said, I am at a loss. i have built many computers and never had this problem. i also have a A+ certificate (not that that helps too much) but my problem is this..

new build for a friend, installed windows 7, and i have had various problems since then. i have managed to get it somewhat stable (no BSOD) but it seems to be unresponsive most the time. and other times it runs just fine. other symptoms include freezing during shut down.

i have reinstalled windows various times and there seems to be a similar issue everytime. so i started troubleshooting and narrowed it down to what i think is the hard drive.

I ran seagate's test software (fix all test) and it claimed the HDD has failed sectors.

could this be the gist of the problems? and why it only works some of the time?


It could be a failing HDD. What are the rest of the specs?

"Is it a Seagate Barracuda? Is... it... a f*****g Seagate Barracuda? I DEMAND YOU TELL ME" - Brennan

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30% failure rate ಠ_ಠ

Seagate used to be the most reliable, but in the last few years they have screwed the pooch....

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I would also suspect the hard drive.  That being said I changed my motherboard recently and did a reinstall.  Some of the problem I was having before that was the old motherboard but also I dont think windows properly activated.  

thanks for the reply brennan.


Asus M5A97 motherboard

Corsair vengance ram (8gb)

AMD phenom 1045t

evga geforce 550ti

OCZ 750 watt PSU

let me know if you need anything else

Seriously??? I had no idea they were so unreliable, a 30% failure rate is ridiculous!

Sounds like Windows Update: KB3000850

It effects some systems worse than others. Only way to fix it is a fresh install of Windows and hide the update when you see it when updating Windows.

Check the update history, if it's a short list and you can't uninstall past a specific update, chances are it's this update.