Hyperx Cloud Stinger. All hype or budget king?

Just a simple thread I wanted to start to see what people's thoughts were on the Hyperx Cloud Stinger that is coming out next Monday. I currently use Razer Kraken 7.1s and I must say I wasn't so impressed by them and they're starting break after a couple years of use. So when I saw Linus release a video about the hyperx Stinger that's coming out for only $50 it peaked my interest considering Hyperx has become a well respected brand in the gaming community in regards to their headsets and I find myself in the market for a new pair. Im not used to using premium headphones so I think the Hyperx Stinger would suit my need well for the price. Any thoughts?

95% of gaming oriented headsets are not as good as what you could get for the same price if you bought a normal pair of headphones. With that being said, there are not reviews out so we don't know if they will fall in the 1 in 20 gaming headsets that aren't garbage for the price.

Personally from a standpoint of never using anything but gaming headsets I don't see anything wrong with them. Although I don't have a pair of headphones to compare with. Are they really that much better?

I bought these for like $35 on sale:

Blew the my Logitech G930's (bought for $100) and some $150 Turtle Beach's I had out of the water.

Its gotten better, but what you get thats gaming oriented is not as good as what you got if you get a just audiophile oriented pair of headphones. If you bought that pair of headphones I bought above, and one of these:

Its going to be the same price as those Kingston's and I guarantee the audio will sound better to you and the mic will probably be close to the same, better or worse.

Well thank you for the advice. I might actually get those headphones, definitely within my price range. You reminded me of Tek syndicate's old "Gaming headsets suck" video that I watched so long ago

Its definitely not as bad as it used to be, but the disparity between the "gamer" oriented headphones and the audiophile oriented headphones still definitely exists. It used to be complete and utter garbage, literally gamer oriented headphone's without even a piece of metal anywhere on the chassis when you bought in the sub $80 range. I had a $50 pair of turtlebeach's that broke when I set that on a table. The plastic piece that allowed the headphones to swivel broke just by setting it down. I didn't slam it, nor was I rough on it, nor had I even had it for a long time. It just, broke. I think I still have it somewhere, all taped together and hot glued.

The majority of gaming headsets are just super boomy. Once you get a decent pair of headphones, it's super hard to go back. Everything is just so much crisper and clearer.

I'm rocking the Philips SHP9500, which for ~$50-60 is absolutely amazing.


I agree. Headsets still suck. Some are ok-ish sounding but then the mic is usually crap. Buy the headphones you like most and get a modmic or boompro and the topic headset is done forever.

I've heard some headsets with actually quite-decent speakers, but they were also the most atrociously uncomfortable headphones I have ever worn beyond on-ear headphones.

All gaming headsets compromise somewhere or everywhere to save costs, because you're cramming a microphone, speakers and expensive, gaudy aesthetics and you have to ramp up your profit margins as much as possible because you're selling to what is definitively a niche market.

I would suggest getting a set of headphones such as the Philips SHP9500s, those are about $60-70 new, and they stomp all over pretty much every headset out there in terms of build quality, sound quality, sound stage, etc. For the microphone, any old microphone will do, to be perfectly honest - Most cheap microphones will be just as good if not better than the ones included with the vast majority of headsets.

It might seem a bit biased and rage-y against headsets, but trust me, you'll go much farther with a proper set of decent headphones.

@KemoKa73 Hey, we're ALL rage-y against "gamer" headsets. Burned too many times to stick our hands back int the fire.